Application & Requirements: How to Apply for a Canadian Visa

Who Needs a Canadian visa 

If you are interested in visiting, studying, working in, or permanently moving to Canada, you must normally apply for a visa or permit.  Canadian visas are usually issued by a visa office within a Canadian embassy outside of Canada. Depending on the purpose and/or length of your visit to Canada, citizens of visa exempt countries may not require a visa; however, they will need to obtain an electronic Travel Authorization or ETA.

Canadian Visa requirements depend also on the purpose of your intended stay in Canada and whether you plan to stay temporarily or settle permanently in Canada. You can acquire a visa, either for permanent or temporary residency. At CCV Inc., we help individuals get a Canadian visa, electronic travel authorization, or Canadian permit to visit, study, invest, or work in Canada.

When applying to a Canadian visa, visitors and immigrant applicants are also required to prove that they comply with the criteria set by Canada to be approved for a visa. Ask CCV if you qualify and we will assess your profile.

If you are already in Canada and your visa will expire, you may be able to ask for an extension of your stay without leaving Canada. Ask CCV if you qualify for an extension of your visa.

How to Obtain a Canadian Visa

Depending on your reason for coming to Canada, you may apply for one of several types of visa, ranging from temporary to permanent:

Tourist Visa.

Planning on visiting Canada to check out the cities and beautiful national parks, visit family and friends, or for business? Find out what you need to apply for a visitor’s visa, or whether you must apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization to enter the country. A visitor’s visa is an official document placed in your passport showing you meet the requirements for temporary residency in Canada.

Student Visa.

Studying in Canada is a fantastic opportunity to discover a new country, and learn a new language, or obtain an internationally recognized degree or diploma. A Canadian study permit serves as your student visa during your stay. Find out which schools accept international students, and what the requirements are for obtaining a study permit. Contact us today at CCV Inc. to learn how CCV can help you obtain a student visa to prepare for a career in Canada.

Skilled Worker Immigration Visa.

Depending on the type of work you do, your experience, your educational background, your knowledge of Canada’s official languages and several other criteria, you may qualify for a permanent  visa to enter the country. Skilled worker visas candidates are chosen based on their ability to settle in Canada and participate in the Canadian economy. Contact us today at CCV Inc. to how CCV can help you obtain a permanent resident visa as a Skilled Worker or Professional.

Business Visa.

If you’re planning on emigrating to Canada from your home country as an experienced businessperson, you will be required to obtain a business permanent resident visa. It is a multi-step process varies depending on the specific type of business or management experience you have, and whether you are a manager, business owner, entrepreneur, and investor.

Family sponsorship.

Reuniting families in Canada is one of the goals of the immigration authorities of Canada. If you are already a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada you may qualify to sponsor a member of your family under the family class. When one of your family members obtains a permanent residency in Canada, they will also have the right to live, study and work in Canada. LEARN MORE.

At CCV Inc., we provide advice, counseling, and representation on matters regarding immigration to Canada for temporary or permanent residency. Whether you are coming to Canada as a skilled worker, student, family sponsor, or traveller, we will give you the professional advice you need to ensure a smooth process. Some of our services include submitting visa applications to Canadian embassies in compliance with Canadian visa requirements, assisting candidates for business-related immigration, and helping candidates with student and work permits. To learn more about our Canadian immigration services, get in touch with us today.

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